Leader Tonic: Transformative Consulting for Paramedicine and Healthcare Services

We specialize in supporting paramedicine and health services. Our range of consulting services includes leadership, strategy, clinical governance, and professional development.

With a commitment to fostering resilient and visionary leadership, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to navigate complexities, elevate team dynamics, and instigate transformative change.

At Leader Tonic, we believe in the power of people-focused, strategic, and accountable leadership to shape thriving cultures and drive sustained success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Meet our team

Joe Acker Paramedicine and Health Service ConsultantJoe Acker Paramedicine and Health Service Consultant

Joe Acker

Joe Acker is the Founder and Managing Director at Leader Tonic.

Joe's professional journey spans more than three decades as a critical care paramedic, emergency services chief, university academic, and health system executive across Canada and Australia. He brings a wealth of expertise to advancing paramedicine, optimizing leadership, enhancing accountability, transforming culture, and improving patient care globally.

Tania JohnstonTania Johnston

Tania Johnston

Tania Johnston is a Director and Senior Consultant at Leader Tonic.

Tania brings extensive clinical, academic, and leadership expertise to support our clients. As an intensive care paramedic, emergency department nurse, university lecturer, researcher, and health service leader who has worked internationally, Tania offers an interdisciplinary perspective that is solidly grounded in contemporary clinical practice.

Why 'Leader Tonic'?

We chose the name 'Leader Tonic' for our consulting company because it encapsulates our core philosophy and mission. A 'Leader' is not just someone who directs; it's an individual whose actions inspire, empower, and serve, with the ultimate goal of elevating others. The term 'Tonic' signifies something that strengthens, invigorates, and restores, intending to enhance performance and improve well-being.

Together, 'Leader Tonic' represents our commitment to being a catalyst for positive change, revitalizing leadership, and fortifying organizations to thrive. It reflects our belief that like a tonic, effective leadership, accountability, and strategic solutions can invigorate individuals and teams, fostering a culture of excellence and promote well-being.

clear glass bottle of tonic on glass tableclear glass bottle of tonic on glass table